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FINMA regulated

Kendra Securities House SA is a Swiss Security Dealer regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Kendra Securities House SA is obligated to follow most of the regulation for category 5 Banks in Switzerland, including Basel 3 capital and liquidity adequacy requirements. 

As a regulated security dealer, Kendra Securities House SA is not entitled to propose credit facilities or pure FX trading accounts, which are considered riskier activities and reserved to Banks. 


Deposit insurance

As a Swiss security firm, Kendra Securities House SA participates with all the Swiss Banks and Swiss security firms to the Swiss deposit protection system. As such, each client of a Swiss Bank (or a Swiss security firm) has a deposit insurance. In the event of a Bank’s bankruptcy, the deposit insurance scheme protects client deposits against losses up to the amount of CHF 100'000. 


External Auditor

Kendra Securities House SA has elected Deloitte SA as its external auditor. Deloitte SA is in charge of auditing Kendra Securities House SA's financial statements and the entity's compliance with the Swiss regulatory framework. 

Regulatory Publications

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